Kara Abbey

Kara :: @karaabbey

Kara is a full time wedding photographer, mother of a silly two year old and the wife of a roller coaster junkie. After growing up in Pittsburgh Kara moved to North Easter Pennsylvania where she started her career as a wedding photographer. Two years ago Kara came back home to Pittsburgh to continue here career as a photographer in a place she calls home. Kara takes her coffee iced, her wine sweet, and likes her chocolate dark. She says she is truly blessed.

Strangely growing up Kara thought she would be a professional piano instructor but her love for photography took her in a different direction. To her surprise one day a friend asked her to capture some engagement photographs and she was hooked. She dove right in to shadowing photographers and being a “second shooter” at weddings.

Kara loves timeless & classic photography. “I don’t do trendy photography: light & airy is pretty, but
I’m afraid in 20 years it is going to scream early 2000’s. Dark & moody is going to define the 20-teens & 2020’s. I try my best to steer clear of all of that & just produce clean images. I love authentic, organic moments, and purposely look for them on a wedding day. Simply put, my goal is for my images to solely speak of a couple’s love for each other and leave all the other stuff behind.”

Kara would love to thank her parents for being the ones to push her to be an entrepreneur. Her husband for putting up with all her work-aholic long nights, breakdowns over missed opportunities, and for constantly & wholeheartedly supporting her no matter what.