Adam Jay

Adam Jay :: @firstmanphotos

Adam is a 22 year old photographer located in Pittsburgh. He enjoys all types of photography but particularly loves conceptual photography. He is a very ambitious young photographer and sets his goals high from the start. He hopes to be known as one of the best conceptual photographers in the business one day.  He hopes his work will be on display worldwide for everyone to fall in love with.

Adam first watched some tutorials and tells us he was amazed how an artist can take a photograph and manipulate it into something beautiful and compelling. Since then he has been practicing and studying conceptual photography.

This photograph means a lot to him as being one of his first conceptual pieces. It is one of the first pieces he sat down and thought out conceptually. Before he created this piece he had another photographer give him a very rough critique that he took personally. Being new to photography he thought that photographer had no right to critique him so harshly, but then he took a moment to really think about what was said. After rethinking the situation he saw the positive in the critique and applied some suggestions to make his photographs even better. This photograph shows that amidst of the darkness you can cast your own light, your own spark!

“This gallery shows me that I am moving in the right direction in my life. It shows my ideas are worth producing. It shows me that people are touched in some positive way by my photographs. THIS MEANS THE WORLD TO ME! Thank you.”

Adam wishes to thank all his friends and family for all the love and support they show him and his work.