Aaron Zeitler

Aaron Zeitler :: @ALZPHOTO

Aaron Zeitler was born in Franklin, PA in 1981. He grew up in the rural town of Oil CIty. In 2001, Aaron received his Associate of Science degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Industrial Design. The Industrial Design field at the Art Institute introduced Aaron into multiple fields of creativity. Not only does he show interest in the photography field, he is a hobbyist jeweler and recently began to pursue the art of gemstone faceting. As a photographer, he feels that he is an advanced amateur

Upon Graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Aaron obtained a career as a jewelers apprentice where he spent five years learning the trade and techniques. After a period of time, when this career had reached its limit and was no longer able to fulfill his creativity, Aaron moved on to new endeavors. Currently, Aaron works full-time for a vitamin supplement manufacturer and bottling company. After nine years of service and having started as an entry level machine operator, Aaron has worked his way up to the Assistant Supervisor of the Quality Assurance Department.

Aaron thrives on challenges. He constantly challenges himself in life. These challenges keep his passions alive and allows him artistic licensing in the works he produces. He gives himself the freedom to experiment and teach himself new techniques and processes.

Aaron currently resides in the Sheridan neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh.

Growing up Aaron has always had an interest in the wonderful photography of National Geographic Magazine. He only admired these images and never considered learning, let alone pursuing, the field until he had a class in college. In 2001, during his time at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, his field of study required that he takes an Intro into Photography course. This course was required so that the students could effectively document their designs for use in their portfolio. Once AAron learned the basics of photography, he was addicted. The course in college was film based and the processes involved with film and turn around time on negatives was not satisfying his addiction. He desired instant gratification. Within a few months he had received his first digital SLR camera, a Nikon D200, as a gift from his girlfriend at the time. They have since become married. With the acquisition of a digital camera, they went on vacation to Arizona and Las Vegas. While in Las Vegas, they stumbled upon a couple of Peter Lik art galleries. His work intrigued and inspired Aaron. This lead him into a fascination of panoramic photography.  Now, panoramic photography is his addiction. It seems like wherever he travel, the photographs he take are panoramic. Aaron loves that “wide open” feeling that a panoramic photograph provides and how they immerse you in the scene more than a simple one frame photograph. He has found this to be wrong. A one frame photograph can draw you in and immerse you with the feeling just as much as a panoramic when executed properly. In this frame of mind, he challenged himself to produce better images that were not panoramic. Aaron dove into the long exposure aspect of photography. Though he still often produce panoramic prints, they too are long exposures. Long exposure photography is now his newest and most current photography addiction.

Aaron saw an advertisement for the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk 2017 and was curious as to what it was. Upon looking at the website, he found and attended the photowalk that was held by Captured::Pittsburgh in Polish Hill on October 7th, 2017. This photowalk started and ended in the Frank Curto Park along Bigelow Boulevard. Even though he had always wanted to stop at this park and photograph the city, he never did. He saw this particular photowalk as an excuse to force him to go to this park and photograph what he had desired to do for a long time. He is grateful of this photograph because it demonstrates what can be achieved when one motivates, or forces, themselves to do what they always wanted to do. This photograph was captured using a Nikon D7200 camera, a Nikon 17-55mm F/2.8 lens. By using a small aperture and with the addition of a Heliopan 10 stop Neutral Density filter I was able to achieve an extended exposure to blur the traffic and clouds as they moved.

“I am honored to have had my image chosen for inclusion into the Captured::Pittsburgh art gallery. Until this point, my work has never received public attention. Sure, friends and family always give positive feedback, social media can provide numerous likes per post, but being included in a public art gallery is one of the best feelings I have had when it comes to my photography. This type of recognition is flattering.”

Aaron would like to thank his wife, Francine. She has been with him through every stage of his photography. She is very patient with him when it comes to photography. She understands how important it is for him to take his when he photographs the places they visit. Each time they travel, his goal is to achieve postcard quality images, and she understands this. She often makes sacrifices to allow him to take the time to capture what he envision. He is grateful to have someone that is completely understanding of his addiction. Without her, he would have never made the images that he has made.

Aaron would also like to thank his favorite photographer, Peter Lik, for inspiring him. His work has always fascinated him and forces him to try harder to obtain that “perfect” shot while on location.

Lastly, Aaron would like to thank Captured::Pittsburgh for leading the Scott Kelby Photowalk 2017 in Polish Hill. If Captured::Pittsburgh would not have held this walk, he may have never been included into the gallery. Being part of this walked, showed him a new society of photographers on social media and in the city of Pittsburgh.