Ben Skal

Ben Skal :: @brskal

Ben is a Pittsburgh native with an excited and positive outlook for all the growth we are seeing in the city. On weekends he likes hiking and golfing or trying one of the many new restaurants that are opening in the city every week. Ben is a project manager for a local company and photography is a hobby he recently became interested in. His interest in photography started over the summer as he was traveling. He knew he was going to be seeing some really incredible sights and wanted to capture the trip through his own viewpoint. He admits he is still in the learning phase, but is really enjoying the process.

In October the Pittsburgh Young Professionals had an awesome opportunity to partner with Captured::Pittsburgh. The reason Ben choose to submit this photo was the uniqueness of Roslyn Place, one of the last remaining wooden streets in the United States. He is always fascinated by how things advance. A wooden road on a street of houses 100+ years old struck him as something uncommon.

“This experience will certainly fuel my interest in photography. It makes me want to get even better and really tap into my creativity.”