Melissa Ross

Melissa Ross :: @melissannross

Melissa Ross live in Shaler with 1 husband, 1 daughter, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 chickens, and a pond full of fish. By day, she works at an investment management company, but in her spare time, she license photos through stock libraries. In 2011, she became a contributor at Getty Images, and in 2014, she was invited to be a member of Stocksy United, which is an artist owned co-operative offering a highly curated collection of royalty-free stock photography.

Melissa likes pursuing stock photography because she can shoot what she wants, when she wants, as much as she wants. It’s also given her the opportunity to access clients worldwide. Melissa has had her work featured on book covers, in magazines and on billboards, as well as in marketing campaigns for companies like PNC Bank, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft.

Growing up, photography was all around Melissa. Her father shot as a hobby, and she remember his Canon AE-1 going everywhere with them like it was her sibling. Her aunt also studied to become a professional photographer, and her friends and her would model to help build her portfolio. However, it wasn’t until twelve years ago when  daughter was born that she took her own interest in it. Originally she wanted to take quality, authentic photographs for her scrapbooks, but it wasn’t long before she started shooting everything around her – our home, our pets, our travels. Now she can’t imagine photography not being a part of her everyday life because she can’t help but see photographs everywhere.

This photograph was taken towards the end of the World Wide Photowalk in Polish Hill. Melissa was balancing on top of a cement barrier with cars speeding behind her, risking her life to get the street lined up just right! Maybe it was not that dramatic but you get the idea. After she took a few shots of the empty street, the bike rider came into her frame. She could not believe her luck. She mostly takes staged photographs with little to no movement, but she has always wanted come across a “decisive moment.” And there it was, at sunset with the beautiful Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in the background. She felt so excited and couldn’t wait to get home and download it from the card!

“The first time I was featured the gallery, the photo that was selected was one that I had taken a few years ago. For the last several months, I have been in a bit of a photography slump, which I think happens to every photographer from time-to-time, but it still freaks you out a bit because you don’t know if and when it will end. Attending the Captured :: Pittsburgh photo walks really helped me fall in love with photography again, and having a photo from one of walks selected was a huge boost to my confidence too.’

As always, Melissa would like to thank her family, but she would also like to thank Captured :: Pittsburgh for hosting wonderful, fun events like the photo walks. Otherwise, she would not get herself out shooting in Wilkinsburg early on a Saturday morning or in Polish Hill at sunset. And lastly, she would to thank the anonymous bike rider, because without him this photo isn’t nearly as good in her opinion!