Robert Whalen

Robert Whalen :: @downtownburger

Robert Whalen was born in Pittsburgh, raised in Florida and lived a long time in China. He returned to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago and got back into regularly taking photographs one year ago. Robert told us that his father had a passion for photography and one day he picked up a one of his cameras. He says he goes through times when he does not take pictures for a long time, and just captures moments for fun.

This photograph was captured during the Captured::Pittsburgh Shadyside walk and taken at Chatham University campus. The pond was really still and Robert saw the trees and clouds reflecting in the water.He started to play with the water to make the photo more interesting.

“It’s great to put something creative out and have people appreciate it. Having my photo selected for the gallery is special I appreciate what Captured::Pittsburgh is doing in and around Pittsburgh.”

Robert would like to thank his wife for supporting his photography.