Santosh Chandrasekaran

Santosh Chandrasekaran :: @csantoshc

Santosh is originally from South India, but has lived all over. He came to Pittsburgh to pursue a PhD in Biology from Carnegie Mellon after finishing his PhD in Neuroscience, Santosh currently works at the University of Pittsburgh at the interface between artificial limbs and neuroscience. His group aims to restore the sense of touch for amputees.

Back when Santosh was a child in India in the 90s he remembers experimenting with the family film camera. Film being expensive, it really taught him to be deliberate and doubly sure about the composition before he hit the shutter. Surviving the endless wait each time the roll was given away to be developed and receiving the prints back, he realized his experiments did not all end in failures. He was hooked. He bought his first DSLR, almost exactly 8 years ago, after considerable deliberation. Photography is primarily a hobby for Santosh. It has helped him to see everything from different and unique perspectives. Borrowing from his science background, his love for experimentation and learning drives his photography as well. That’s why he loved using a DSLR with all the freedom it affords. Santosh loves to photograph nature, wildlife, particularly birds, urban, abstract and landscape.

Santosh has been trying to be more involved with the wider photography community recently. So, he had to join the Shadyside part of the global photowalk that Captured::Pittsburgh was organizing when he heard about it. This photo was one of the last ones he took in the walk. He had been noticing doors during the walk and this was the most beautiful of all. He could not get a clear shot of the doors because of the shrubbery in front. However, he kept the camera as steady as possible with the shutter half-clicked and waited. Then, a breeze came by and blew the shrubbery just enough and he squeezed the trigger with bated breath. He loved the end result with the shrubbery appearing as a diffuse foreground. It actually highlights the sharp features of the door’s glass panes and their reflections.

“It is really an amazing feeling to be featured in this gallery. I have been photographing Pittsburgh for quite sometime. To have a photograph taken of the local neighborhood to be featured in the Pittsburgh gallery is kind of a full circle for me. It is an unofficial milestone of sorts in my growth as a photographer.”

Santosh would like to thank his mother. She definitely noticed the fruits of his early experiments with the family camera and allowed him considerable freedom to learn and experiment further. She is the one person he would love to thank for his current photography hobby.