Alex Mowrey

Alex Mowrey :: @TheMrAlex

Alex was born and raised in San Diego, California and moved to the East Coast for college. He attended Slippery Rock University and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Communication: Emerging Technology & Multimedia. He now works for the University of Pittsburgh in the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid as a Multimedia Specialist and on the side he is a photographer for Pitt Athletics, photographing everything from team photos to in-game action.

Alex started taking photos in his senior year of high school for his student government organization. He took his interest of photography with him to college and his first week of school he volunteered his services at the university paper, The Rocket. The rest was history. Alex was hired on as the Photo Editor his sophomore year and held the position till he graduated from college. During his time at The Rocket he won over 50 awards, two of which were national first place awards with the Society of Professional Journalists.

Photography wasn’t always something Alex knew he wanted to do. An opportunity presented itself, he took a chance, and fell in love with it. Not a day goes by that he don’t take photos and try to make myself better at what I do.

During this picture Alex had just started a new work schedule at Pitt and that required him to show up to work early. Getting to work early meant being able to see the sunrise every morning, which he enjoyed doing when he could. He came in early this morning in hopes of getting some nice sun off the water in Frick Fountain but heavy clouds decided to roll in instead. The cast of the lights on the statues and the duplicated Cathedral in the water really pull your eyes around the image.

“This is will be my first gallery ever. I am really honored to be showcased in this event and I cannot wait to see my work up there. We don’t print anything anymore, but when we do, it makes you appreciate the time it took to make the images.”

Alex has plenty of people to thank for getting him to where he is. He had so many mentors that have pushed him to be a better photographer and to most importantly, not quit. He admits he truly wouldn’t be here without them.