Brandi Larney

Brandi Larney :: @brandilarneyphotography

Brandi is a hobby photographer and a full time adventurer. She is a therapist by day and has her eye to her camera at at all other times. She enjoys seeing things and capturing the alternative view. She sees the world differently and wants others to have the opportunity to experience the beauty she encounters.

Brandi admits she has been obsessed with PPG Place since she started visiting Pittsburgh years ago. Every time she sees PPG Place she attempts to capture a different angle, this is one of her favorites.

“It’s such an honor and humbling experience to have a picture that I took for my own pleasure to be viewed by others in this amazing gallery. I honestly never thought I would be involved in more than an Instagram world. This is kinda amazing.”

Brandi would like to thank “7 pound 8oz Baby Jesus”.