Christine Sullivan

Christine Sullivan :: @csullivan409

Christine is born and bred in Beaver County Pennsylvania.  she attended Penn State University and graduated with a BS in Education. She has been married for 15 years to her husband Greg.They live in Rochester and have a menagerie of cats and dogs that they adore. She works full time for an Early Intervention agency. She has her own side business called Creative Cookies and Cakes and she is a baker/decorator.  This is her passion and keeps her busy most evenings and weekends. she always joke that she goes to work on Mondays just to relax.

Christine has always loved all art forms.  Knowing a handful of professional photographers has made her appreciate this medium more than ever before. She attended a Captured::Pittsburgh workshop where her cupcakes were the subject and she fell in love with what so many were doing with them. That day she also learned a lot about staging, lighting and how to take the best pictures possible to promote her cakes.

When Christine saw the call for the Reflections assignment, she admits she was excited. she wanted to capture the design and the angles of not only the mirror, but the trees branches, its colors, its leaves etc. There are so many concepts and things that can be revealed or brought to life in a reflection. It’s not just what you perceive but how others perceive the same image.  We can all look at the same picture and see something completely different.  That’s what she loved about this task. Getting odd looks and questions from people wondering why I was carrying a mirror around the city was fun too. “No, I’m not that vain!” was one of her responses.

“When I got the message about being chosen, my initial reaction was shock. I had to look at it more than once to believe my name was on the list. How could an iPhone7 picture be in the same category with photos take by professionals or even experienced amateur photographers? Surely their photos with much more sophisticated equipment, a better eye and more experience would be way out of my league. The other pictures are phenomenal! I still can’t believe the number of wonderful images that were submitted. I am flattered and honored to be in such good company.”

Christine was truly inspired by Captured::Pittsburgh’s rowing  club event where her cupcakes were featured. She has always found inspiration in seeing what others are capable of.  Her friend Jim Orlowski, of 0 Designs has always been one of the most talented and creative people she knows. He has always been willing to help her creatively and answer questions, no matter how silly they may be.