Jason Furda

Jason Furda :: www.divinemayhem.com

Jason is a greater Pittsburgh native who has been interested in photography most of his life. He grew up in Hickory, PA which is a lot less rural than it was when he was young. Jason went off to College not knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life, and after taking his first photography course, somewhat hesitant about about adding structure to his fun hobby, he was hooked. Jason received his degree in Fine Arts from Edinboro University and enough supplementary classes to have a fallback if the photography plan did not pan out. Photography has become a central focus of his life for the past 17 years. Jason considers himself fortunate to own his own business creating portraits, capturing wedding days, documenting events, and building a record of items to allow others to share the things that they create. In addition to the commercial work, Jason make a lot of personal work. That’s what keeps him going.

Jason’s selected piece in particular is about seeing the world from a different perspective. As he was walking back from shooting at a specific spot, he saw the large puddles created from the morning’s heavy rain. He stopped and crouched down to see if the bridge would be reflected in the water. He had to get down to ground level to make the perspective work, but it was there. It, to him, is about making an effort to look at something in a different way.

“Being selected to show my work among the other chosen artists and the artists selected in the past means that I’m doing something that stands out. I make my work for myself first as it is a part of my expression, a part of how I communicate. It means a great deal to have someone connect with a piece and feel that it is strong enough not only to share with others, but to share through the brand that they’ve established as Captured:Pittsburgh has.”

Jason has had a tremendous amount of inspiration and encouragement thus far in his career. From early mentors that have shared their experiences being “creators of things” to friends and family who have provided emotional, financial, and physical support, Jason is thankful for it all. He is inspired both by those that have long since left us and his peers today.