Josh Masi

Josh Masi :: @joshmasi

Josh was born and raised in a small town called New Castle. He recently relocated to Pittsburgh, roughly 2 years ago. Sometimes, the only thing that gets him through the days, is a good cup of Starbucks coffee.

Josh have always enjoyed being involved in creating media; either photography or cinematography through out his entire life. For his 30th birthday, his fiance and family surprised him with a Nikon camera, which had turned his lifelong dream into a reality.

For this picture the day started as not your typical fall day as it was cloudy and raining off and on through out the entire day. Then for a short window, the rain stopped and Josh was able to capture the perfect view of the fall trees reflecting off the still water of the reflection pond in Point State Park. This fall was not like other years past and to be able to capture the colors of the season, even if its just a moment, made it special to him.

“To see my work and vision transform from the camera lens to actual art, its truly amazing. I am blessed to be nominated along with the other 7 photographers, as Pittsburgh has such a plethora of talent.”

Josh would like to thank his fiance, Maria, and his family for always supporting him with anything he does. Also to everyone he has met on Social media here in Pittsburgh.