Paul Valerio

Paul Valerio :; @paulvalerio

Paul is a middle aged guy with a camera, one daughter, and two dogs. You may see his work bounce around from portraits, to landscape, to wildlife, to food or macro and so-on… There’s a reason for that! Paul heard a professional photographer speak once and he said, “Specialize in not specializing”. It felt like KABOOM and finding a home all at once! That man is Mr Rick Sammon and from that point forward in his career he embraced his philosophy with the support of his family and friends. Paul’s favorite daughter, Arienne, has stood beside him through photography-thick-and-thin and he is forever in her debt. The world’s greatest friends have been there for Paul also! In January 2017 a dear friend, Anna Jo Noviello, made it possible for him to meet his inspiration, Rick Sammon, at a meeting of the Orlando, FL Camera Club. Paul is moving full steam ahead into 2018 and opening a photography based small business. Paul is still ironing out details but tells us the company description will probably list taking photos LAST.

For this photograph was at the 2017 Westmoreland Photographer’s Society (@WPSPIX) Autumn Picnic when Marina and he discovered yellow jackets loved the fruit salad. they stole the serving spoon which was covered syrup and squirreled away with a dozen bees in tow. They were on the spoon and all around them but were amazingly docile landing on his finger and allowing him to touch them without incident. This picture is a yellow jacket on that spoon.

“Being included in Captured::Pittsburgh’s gallery…The honor is all mine to be chosen AND surrounded by Pittsburgh’s brightest talent!!!”

Paul would like to take the opportunity to thank his family, friends and peers for their support.