Travis Timblin

Travis Timblin :: @Dubtphotography

Travis started out working for a film processing company when he was 16 for a summer job. His interest and love of photography grew from the job. From that first day of work he started with film and grew to digital.

This photograph was shot in the strip district, oddly enough where his part time summer job started it all. He modestly tells us there is nothing really special to the picture. He went to this location to capture some long exposures and saw the puddle. He asked his wife to throw a few stones and this picture is the end result.

“Being in this gallery is special. Anytime I can have my art/photography seen by others makes me super happy. Art is subjective and like a photograph you never know what will spark a conversation over what makes a picture good or bad. It’s an honor that very talented Pittsburgh based photographers took interest in this picture”

Travis never expected to be selected to the gallery. with the way Facebook changed the Instagram algorithm he felt that his photography doesn’t reach as many people. He does not use Facebook or have a business profile on Instagram so sponsorship and promoting and image doesn’t work so well for the “Average Joe”. But, that is what Captured::Pittsburgh is all about. I hope we help in changing Travis’s mind and show him the “Average Joe” can still take amazing photographs and deserves to be recognized.