Arindam Sen

Arindam Sen ::

Originally from India, Arindam came to USA in 2003 for work. After spending more than a decade in Connecticut. Arindam, his loving wife Sumana,¬†and refreshing 9 year old daughter Anushka moved to Pittsburgh in August 2014. Today Arindam is working for one of Pittsburgh’s most well-known healthcare organization, Highmark. Arindam loves nature, travel, country and gospel music, and of-course he has a passion for photography.

Visual art creates good memories. Arindam wanted to preserve meaningful memories of his daughter’s childhood and that was the first reason for him to get into photography. After that, last year, he started taking this to the next level so that he could create good memories for others through his lenses. He started taking meaningful landscapes when he bought his first DSLR (a Nikon D5500). Slowly he started doing events and portraits and stepped up to a full frame camera (Nikon D750) in April of 2017.

This picture is of the Market St. Pier from the North Shore river trail. The photograph was captured during the first week of December when Pittsburgh had severe fog for 3 days in a row! The fog engulfed the whole background in this photograph while giving it a white canvas feel and the water on the Allegheny River was dead still to get a perfect reflection. For Arindam this picture symbolizes serenity of the nature, as one of his friend said – “once you start looking you really don’t feel like taking your eyes off this peaceful scene.”

“To me, its an honor to be included in the gallery. For me, its a platform to showcase my work. It means that my work will now get spread and reach distinguished members of this famous group who encourages and promotes photography and art. This will surely encourage me to put additional effort and keep improving as now the expectations will be high! I didn’t get chosen for a few months on a row, so this forum, in a way helped me in pushing to take better photographs.”

Arindam would like to dedicate this gallery piece to his family, without their help and support he would not have been able to carry forward his passion for photography.