Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis :: @lewisatlarge

Emily is Pittsburgh native, raised in the Eastern and Northern suburbs. She officially became a City resident when she moved back after graduating from Allegheny College, and loves to take photo walks on her lunch break from her 9-to-5. She is an avid street photographer, and enjoys her role as Lead Moderator for the Instagram hub @city __ features, where she works with other urban photographers to feature the best images from city streets around the world.

Emily became interested in photography at the age of 12 when she would steal her mom’s Polaroid camera from time to time to take photos of Kirby, the family dog, her very first (although unwilling) subject. When she got a bit older, she moved on to stealing her mom’s FujiFilm point and shoot film camera to take to school for class trips and after school excursions with her friends. She eventually convinced her Mom to let her use the camera for her first photography class in high school
(and at that point she had already broken the shutter a little bit, sorry Mom!) Now, using her own cameras (and after getting a replacement for Mom) Emily now loves to go out and shoot everyday, mostly Downtown, where she works. She loves to capture the small, everyday moments between people that are often overlooked, and finding those moments is her favorite part of photography. Being at the right place at the right time, framing the shot just right, and knowing when and where to look for a great image are her favorite elements of composing a good photo.

For this shot, Emily took an early bus Downtown to capture morning commuters in the snow. Her usual photo walking route takes her through Market Square, which looked particularly beautiful with the holiday decorations and big snowflakes. She loved the contrast of the warm light coming from the drug store windows and the cool early morning natural light, mixed with the movement of the snow. She didn’t have to wait too long for a subject to walk right into the frame, making for a nice winter tableau.

“Being included in this gallery is such an honor! I’m so thrilled to be featured, and to see my work printed and out in the world is so exciting and fulfills a dream of mine. I’m so grateful to have my photo displayed along side such great Pittsburgh artists! I have always dreamed that I would someday be included in a physical gallery space, and I’m so thrilled Captured::Pittsburgh is making that dream a reality!”

Emily would like to thank her Mom, Dad & sister for always encouraging her to keep at it, even when she’s in a creative rut, and offering many opinions on edits. Thanks in particular to Mom, for the gracious lending of her cameras, even if it wasn’t always authorized lending. Emily would also like to thank her husband Eric, who is so patient when he has to stop every 10 feet while they’re out walking or running errands so she can get “just one more”, and for standing outside in all
kinds of weather while she waits for the perfect shot.