Mason Luckiewicz

Mason Luckiewicz :: @masonluckiewicz

Mason is a 19 year old photographer from Greensburg, PA. He moved to Shadyside after he
graduated high school last year to pursue photography full time. He mainly works with hip hop/rap related events and shoots. He shoots a lot of concerts, behind the scenes photos of music videos, cover art, and produces and edit his own music videos. He also work as a waiter on the weekends. Mason loves music and the music industry and so a lot of his work revolves around that. He
shoots a lot of concerts, working with artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Fabolous, Rift Raft, Owey, Jimmy Wopo, and more. He also shoots content for the Daily Bread clothing company with his friends. He plans on moving to Los Angeles next month to further his photography and videography work. Mason’s goal is to be a concert photographer/videographer and be
able to make a living for himself with my camera.

Mason never really had anything he was passionate about growing up and never really had any hobbies so he was kinda a bad kid. He got into a little trouble a little over a year ago and he really thought about his life. He bought a camera earlier that year in June but never really used it or knew how to. Then in December 2016, his friend Zach (@glassof_cognac) knew he had a camera and asked him to shoot one night. That night he taught him the basics of shooting manually and they walked through downtown Greensburg for hours in the cold taking pictures. The next night his friends who make music had a show and Zach invited him to come. Zach brought his camera and convinced Mason to take his. Mason loved taking pictures there and editing them later and from then on he never left without his camera.

For this photograph Mason went out walking taking pictures in Shadyside one day with his film camera and he brought his DSLR as well. He found a spot on a street with a bunch of fall leaves so he set his film camera down to take some DSLR pictures of the leaves and he noticed his film camera looked cool in the leaves so he shot a few shots. When he got home, he touched a few up in post processing and posted it on his Instagram.

“This is pretty cool. I haven’t been taking pictures for very long so being recognized is a cool experience. I like that other people who don’t follow me on social media will now be able to see a photograph  taken by myself and hopefully they will enjoy the shot and follow my page to see my other work.”

Mason would like to thank Zach Vanhorn (@glassof_cognac), who was actually featured in one of Captured::Pittsburgh’s galleries. He’s the one who got Mason into photography and taught him how to use a camera. He also likes to thank anyone who’s supported him in this journey.