Richard Trankocy

Richard Trankocy :: @Soca90022

Richard J. Trankocy, Jr was born in Braddock, Pennsylvania and raised in North Versailles, Allegheny County Pennsylvania. He is a lawyer and has been practicing law in Pittsburgh since 1987. Since 2004, he has been representing injured workers in workers’ compensation cases and vehicle crash victims of highway accidents. Photography has been his hobby since 2010 and his hobby has grown with the use of the I phone and light room. He is married with three stepchildren and four young grandchildren.

Rich loves to explore Pittsburgh and finds beauty and architectural interest everywhere he goes. He enjoys walking through its parks, trails, rails, and many steps of the city and the city always provides a special scene to capture. His travels across America both inspire
and contribute to his photography hobby.

Richard started taking photographs in 1976 during the nation’s Bicentennial, when Foto Huts were used to develop Kodak film. He has always thought of the art of photography as akin to placing items into a time capsule and preserving the captures for future generations. The photograph becomes a museum in time.

This photogrpah is from a late November afternoon. Richard stopped for a stroll under the Westinghouse Bridge, North Versailles, Pennsylvania and the afternoon sun’s rays were piercing through the cement bridge arches which made an epic capture. Within minutes after arriving the rays were gone, but not the photograph of it. Photo was taken from the Norfolk Southern railway tracks about 50 yards from the Westinghouse Bridge.

“It is an exciting honor to be selected from so many amazing captures. I am grateful that my picture can be shared with so many Pittsburghers. I love living here and I am proud to help show off the city’s unique features.”

Richard would like to thank Joe, the owner of Northside Auto, Pittsburgh, PA. He helped Richard along the way and is a great instructor on how to use manual settings on Richard’s Canon camera.