Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw :: @drtymtnbiker

Scott is an amateur photographer, mountain biker, explorer and a communications/public relations professional. Born in Sewickley and raised in Western Pennsylvania, he has lived in the northern tier of Pennsylvania, Dallas, D.C. and Nashville in the years following high school.  A late bloomer, Scott didn’t finish college until his 30s, with both degrees coming from Point Park University: B.S. Corporate Communications and M.A. Journalism, Mass Communication with a public relations focus.  After working for a school district, local daily newspaper, and a large, global, multi-billion dollar company here in Pittsburgh, Scott is now working for a non profit and looking for his next new opportunity  Scott is single and live in Wilkinsburg, which seems to be changing for the better every day and becoming a popular place to live.

Scott took a black and white photography class decades ago but life and his career in corporate communications took off and he didn’t pursue it further.  In the last year or so, he found himself going back and doing things that he used to enjoy before life got so complicated and busy.  Biking, exploring and taking pictures provides an escape and creative outlet to enjoy and appreciate life.

This photo was taken in early December on a Sunday. Scott went downtown to take some pics and decided to walk down Fourth Avenue to see the progress on Point Park University’s new Playhouse and other aspects of the campus. That day produced some good pics, which he put together in a collection called ‘dahntahn.  His coworker was the person who selected the pic to post on Instagram that day.

“Being part of this gallery is privilege, honor, something that I never thought I would be participating in. It’s an awesome opportunity and grateful to  be featured with other photographers in Pittsburgh. I never thought I would be in a gallery, not a chance, only in my dreams! But, I guess dreams can become reality.”

Scott would like to thank the many people he follows on Instagram that inspire him, and those that follow him.  Close friends that have encouraged him.  Captured::Pittsburgh for hosting events that got him more involved in exploring the city.  And, of course, his mom who is letting him use her DSLR until he gets his own and she has liked every one of his pictures on Instagram.