Stephen Drozd

Stephan Drozd :: #scoobuhsteve

Stephen is a 29 year old single guy who has always lived in Pittsburgh. Stephen loves to travel and is interested in urban, rural and nature. Stephen also drives in autocross in the spring and fall.

Stephen took a a high school photography course in 2005, but his passion truly started after viewing photographs in the internet and Instagram. Now he loves experimenting with different settings and lighting.

To Stephen this photograph symbolizes the interesting contrast between the city and the hibiscus, which is a summer flower. He also tells us his mother also loves hibiscus flowers.

“I feel honored being a part of the gallery. I truly enjoy enjoy meeting and seeing the other photographers.”

Stephen would like to dedicate this gallery photograph to his high school teacher, Mike Browin. He would also like to recognize all the wonderful fellow photographers he has met over the last year. These relationships have given him the opportunity to learn and share a lot of ideas.