Heather Nyapas


Heather is a mother to 3 very busy boys and wife to a very supportive husband. She has lived in Pittsburgh her entire life. She is a full time teacher and owner of Heather Nyapas Photography. Heather specializes in kids, families and seniors. She loves shooting outdoors but being that Pittsburgh weather is so unpredictable,she is thankful to share a studio on the Northside with two
amazing photographers/friends. She also work at the Pittsburgh Zoo (for the past 15 years).

About 5 years ago, Heather asked her husband to buy her a “good” camera so she could capture those special moments with her boys. She started with a Canon Rebel and spent a lot of time teaching herself about photography and practicing on friends and family. Even before then, she used to travel a lot, and she was always focused on trying to get the perfect shot of all of
the amazing places they visited. Her office at work is filled with travel photos hanging on her wall. Although her current photography consists mostly of portraiture work, she hopes to do more landscape photography once her kids get older and they can travel more.

For this photograph Heather’s studio has a pure white side and she love creating shots with just a pop of color. Her clients wanted to include some Valentine’s props so they decide to keep it simple. Her little client was so handsome in his suit and tie, and he was more than happy to climb the ladder and “help” decorate. His mom is a return client and that means a lot when people come back to her for their sessions.

“This is such and honor and humbling experience to be featured in this gallery.  I am so excited to have my work on display in Pittsburgh! I couldn’t even imagine it. I am so glad I started following Captured::Pittsburgh. I have been tagging my photos for the past few months and following all of the other amazing featured artists. I am looking forward to seeing my photo on display. It’s sorta surreal.Thank you so much for choosing my image. I am feeling the “love”.”

Heather would like to thank her family, they have been amazing and she could not do this without them. Working full time and running a legitimate photography business can be really stressful and she wants to thank her husband for being so supportive. She also wants to thank her mom for all the times she watched the boys so she could ‘pursue her dream’. Heather wants to thank her friend (and photog bestie) Lindsay Reed of L.J. Reed Photography for everything! She would not be where She is today without her help and friendship. Lindsey is part of the reason she started this business. Heather wants to thank her dear friend Kelly Searle who kept her going when she was just starting out. She wants to thank her friends and studio partners, Pamela Salai of Pamela Salai Photography and Sarah Tortorea of Sarenae Photography. These girls have given her so much love and guidance over the past year and she honestly does not know what she would do without them. Heather also want to give a shout out to her brother-in-law Matt and neighbor
Terri Kraft who inspired her to ask her husband for that “good” camera. Lastly, she wants to thank all her clients, without them, there wouldn’t be Heather Nyapas Photography!