Jon Hall


Jon is a photographer, lover of typography, patron of the arts, adventure-seeker, and cat owner. His life revolves around others for the most part, He is a designer and photographer for Printing Industries of America, a national non-profit trade organization specializing in helping printers around the country make better informed decisions in their businesses. He also is a graphic design and photography teacher at CCAC – South Campus and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. When he is not working or teaching, he usually can be found downtown with friends photographing urban landscapes or on a personal adventure in one of the beautiful parks around the city. He loves to cook Italian food, listen to Blues and Soul music, and rock climb. Jon is also one of the ambassadors for the Women’s March Photographers, where he helped organize and archive photography from the Pennsylvania marches from the past two years.

Jon has been taking photography seriously for a couple years. He started out like many others taking photos of his vacations and posting them to social media. Something about photographing a landscape, the city at the right time, or capturing a special moment in history really appealed to his creative spirit. He began to feel like he was a part of something bigger than himself, and he was saving a moment of history.

“When you look at a photo from a moment in your life, the experience might mean something different to you over the years.” For Jon, photography is an active and engaging process that provides him an opportunity to record the perfect moment and tell a story through his camera. Whether that story echoes the soul of a city, captures a momentous occasion in someone‚Äôs life, or documents a unique experience, he is telling that story over and over again.

As for this picture, as you walk across Schenley Drive near Phipp’s Conservatory, a massive collection of love locks are on each side of the bridge. Jon was drawn to the myriad of types of locks and what was written on them. Some of the locks were weather-worn and some brand new, some were drawn on, some tagged with names and dates, but each lock represented a moment in a couples’ lives together in which they felt absolutely connected and shared true love. The love locks in the photo are of one older and one newer. No names or dates were on these and as Jon looked over the hundreds of locks, these two seemed to draw his attention. Jon wants to think that it’s the same couple coming back after one year together to add another lock. Or it’s an elderly couple with a younger couple, each sharing similar experiences, but knowing what love is.

“Being selected is an honor and I feel privileged to be among other great photographers. Being a part of this means I have an opportunity to share my experiences and vision with other people, so they can share it with someone else. I’ve been a part of a number of art galleries throughout my career as an artist, but none was for specifically photography. This brings justification and warrants all the long hours I and other photographers have put into their work.”

Jon would like to thank his friends for helping support this good habit and being honest with him when he asks for feedback, even though sometimes it stings.
Jon would also like to thank Captured::Pittsburgh and the local Instagram photography community for providing this opportunity for us and offering positive and constructive feedback for our craft.