Molly Figueroa


Molly is a transplant from Massachusetts that now calls Pittsburgh home. she is married with two children, a two and four year old. She loves yoga, vintage clothes, The Office, and spending times outdoors with family and somewhere remote. Her dream is to have a hobby farm with goats and a huge garden.

Molly Picked up her first DSLR about a year and a half ago. She confessed to us she started as a “Mom Tog” in pursuit of a little cash on the side. It quickly turned into a passion of the heart, and she discovered her style to be non-traditional. Her motto “Do all things to the glory of god”, and she strives to capture real moments and emotion.

This picture is a from a once upon a time story… A daddy’s heart was sad because he had to go away for a long time. The deployment made him miss this little girl’s first time crawling, walking, words and birthday. Despite all the challenges and disappointments these two have grown an incredibly special bond. To celebrate birthday #2 in their own way, they shared a joyful tea party. Molly is thankful to call these two family. (Custom floral crown: Rosewood Boutique)

“Getting the message my image had been selected was incredibly powerful and humbling. I am so thankful for this honor!”

Molly would like to thank her husband. She felt awkward asking him for help upgrading equipment, but he has always been so supportive.