Karly Snow


Karly is a 27-year-old wife, mother, and Speech-Language Pathologist turned photographer! Though photography has been a hobby and passion of hers for many years, she just began her business, Snowscapes Photography, last year. She currently reside in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with her husband, daughter, and several furry friends!

Karly has always loved photographs. When she was a little girl, her love was for looking at and studying old photos. As she grew older, she enjoyed being in front of the camera. Now as an adult, Karly has finally moved behind the camera, and she has to say, it’s her favorite place to be! Quality of photographs is so important to her. She loves being able to capture genuine moments and ensure that those moments can be preserved beautifully. Being the one behind the lens allows her to take control of the composure of each image, allowing it to convey the emotion and feel that she wants it to. It’s empowering to be able to freeze special moments in time and there’s nothing better than seeing/hearing the reactions of her subjects when they see their finished photos!

Karly took this photo of Gianna Rockoff during a Captured::Pittsburgh sponsored event at Club Cafe in the south side. She loves that this photograph truly captures the feeling of being in that room, listening to Gianna perform. Gianna is a very talented performer with so much heart. Karly is proud that her photograph was able to capture Gianna’s passion, style, and beauty!

“Being included in this month’s gallery is such an honor for me. As an artist that is relatively new to the Pittsburgh photography scene, having my photograph displayed alongside photos from other truly incredible photographers is just a dream come true! My inclusion in this gallery feels like affirmation of the quality of my work and that I’ve taken a big step in my photography career.”

Karly would like to thank her husband, Tim, for researching and buying her her first DSLR camera many years ago, always pushing her to improve her skills, being her lighting test subject, carrying all of her gear during photo shoots, and taking care of Fiona while she is out pursuing her dreams! Karly couldn’t ask for a more supportive partner in her life. Psst… She loves you, Tim!