Kelly Chiodi


Kelly is proud to label her self a momtographer, whose desire to get great shots of her kids led her to a hobby that ultimately went way beyond that. She takes lots of portraits and document lots of events and sometimes second shoot for a friend, but her favorite reason to click the shutter is a found moment or scene while she is canvassing the streets of Pittsburgh or even wandering around a farm. She recently read the phrase, “unfamiliar visual experience” and realized that’s what she is ultimately always hunting for from behind her lens.

Kelly has always enjoyed taking snaps, but when her boys were born so was the desire to take meaningful, beautiful portraits of them as they grew. She started on film with a Pentax ZX-5 and went to digital in 2005 also with a Pentax. She now shoots full frame digital on a Nikon D600 and take at least a few shots every day on her iPhone 8+, which is how she captured this shot.

Being a part of a family full of musicians, Kelly is particularly thrilled to have been chosen for this month’s music theme. This shot of a collection of cymbals was taken while visiting her nephew Shawn’s newly-opened Drum Store, The Pittsburgh Drum Exchange. Her husband is also a drummer so while he shopped for new gear, Kelly shopped for interesting scenes with her iPhone and found this stack of cymbals perfectly placed beside the big 2nd floor window as if it were just waiting for her.(Thanks Shawn…)

“It’s easy to find praise for photos, especially with social media being what it is. But, when you find encouragement and acknowledgment from those who really understand photography, it’s much more meaningful. I’ve enjoyed and learned so much from the many Captured Pittsburgh events that I’ve been able to attend and have met so many nice folks by doing it, so being invited to participate in such a significant way and being recognized is pretty amazing and will keep me going.”

Kelly would like to thank her husband, JT. He went to school for film and television and though he’s now an IT geek, who never, ever picks up a camera, he taught her so much about what makes a good shot. He was never afraid to give Kelly constructive criticism even if it meant saying a photo of their sweet little boys was awful. After she would recover from that abominable offense, Kelly managed to listen to what he was saying and learned a whole lot from him about lighting and
composition and contrast and simply making a photo interesting. She thinks every new photographer should have a live-in critic who keeps their emotional attachment to a photo in check.
He’s also terrific at researching gear for her and surprised her with a lensbaby for Valentine’s Day.