Michael Holl


Michael is a portrait photographer/musician/music educator/husband and father (not in order of importance of course). He currently teaches 4th and 5th grade band at Chartiers Valley Intermediate School and is currently in his 29th year of teaching. He plans on making photography his second career soon and has been working on establishing his business and craft. If there is one thing that Michael has learned from teaching beginning band is that practice works! The more time he spend with his instrument the better he gets, whether it is a trumpet or a camera. He only has one true hobby and that is learning. He loves to learn!

Michael has always been interested in taking photos, but it wasn’t until his daughter let him play with her nicer camera. They purchased a Canon camera for her before going off to art school and thought that she would use it well. At her high school graduation she let him take the photos, since she wasn’t able to take photos herself. He loved it! The complete control (or lack of control) fascinated him. He spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. It must have been a apparent that he really enjoyed it because the following Christmas his family gave him his own camera. Michael was messing up photos for a month until he started to figure it all out. People would say they really loved his photos, but didn’t realize that he had taken 1000 to get that one photo. He started a 365 project on his birthday and loved having the camera in his hand everyday. It was a hard project, but
so worth the time. Ever since then he has been taking portraits of anyone that asks and looking forward to a busy summer of senior photography.

Michael was in the midst of a 365 project (one photo a day for a year) and found him self in the middle of a horse pasture at 3 AM. He is fairly sure he was hoping for some type of meteor shower, but as he left the house a friend had posted on Facebook that he was in need of some prayer for his family. As he set up the camera for a long exposure he prayed for him and his family. If it wasn’t 3 AM he would have played, but his friends (or their horses) wouldn’t have liked him waking them up with the sound of a flugelhorn. He says will always remember that moment when he see this photo and the feeling of playing for the stars!

“It is always nice when other artist take notice of your work. Yes, it is nice when my family likes my photo, but they always are nice to me. I’ve asked other people to be really critical of my photos, but they don’t want to hurt my feelings. Having my photo included in the gallery is absolutely a great ego booster! I can’t wait to meet the Captured:Pittsburgh folks as well as the other featured photographers. I am hoping this gives others a chance to see my work as well and help me to start networking in the Pittsburgh photography world.”

It has been quite a learning experience these last couple of years, but Michael would have to say he couldn’t have done it without his family, thank you. He can’t really single out one of them. At some point they have all been incredibly helpful, patience and an inspiration for his photography.