Monica Godfrey-Garrison


Monica is a mother, native Pittsburgher and serial entrepreneur. She is a portrait, fashion, event and real estate photographer/drone pilot. In her “spare time” she founded a company that encourages women of color around the world to take up cycling.  Monica has recently had the privilege of joining the Board of Bike PGH to help affect positive change for local cyclist.

Monica believes that you should learn at least one thing from every person you meet. Everyone has something to teach you about yourself or about this crazy world we find ourselves in. She is a perpetual student. Her camera is a tool for learning. She does not take opportunities for granted and she would rather know she tried and failed and not live with the regret of never having showed up.

Monica was the kid running around with a polaroid camera and the teenager with the point and shoot. She can’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t have a camera in her hand.  In high school she had the opportunity to learn photography formally at the Manchester Craftsmans Guild.  There she received guidance from talented photography instructors, learned the foundations of composition and lightning and work shopped with guest artist from around the world. In this fertile environment her curiosity quickly turned into a love for photography.

“I always make sure to stop by the Open Air Gallery when I am in Shadyside. Inclusion in this galley is special for me. This gallery is filled with amazing images year round. As an artist it always feels good when others notice and appreciate your creative pursuits.”

Monica would like to thank her family of course for always being supportive and being willing subjects when she is inspired to shoot.  Her Manchester Craftmans Guild instructors whose desire to share their craft has inspired so many. And the founders of Captured::Pittsburgh as I have learned so much and gained valuable experience through just one year of participating in their workshops.