Nick Prezioso


Nick is from Mt. Lebanon and now lives in Carrick.Nick has always been interested in art and computers and his first job as a “creative” was as a graphic designer. While he was doing that heĀ  felt that getting a camera and leaning more about photography would lend it self to improving the artwork he was creating at the time. After he bought his first camera he had no idea what to do with it and it collected dust longer than he cares to admit. It wasn’t until he started exploring different career options that the interest developed more. He took a job that wasn’t for him and he no longer had the time to dedicate towards creating. Losing that outlet really left a creative void in his life, it was then that Nick picked up the camera as his main creative outlet. At the time he somewhat naively thought that all you had to do was snap a shot, and that was that, now you’re a photographer.

As far as concert photography goes, Nick had a friend who traveled with the Vans Warped Tour. When the tour came through town, she would always assist him with getting press or vendor passes, so that he could shoot the event. The other photographers were so great to him. Everyone was showing off shots that they snapped earlier in the day. It was a great experience and it really solidified that this was a world he was welcome in and gave him that mental permission to involve
himself more.

This photograph was part of a particularly great night in general. The shot is of Tony of “Pierce the Veil”. That night they were the supporting act for a group called “Rise Against” at Stage AE. Rise Against had been kind enough to give him his first All Access Pass. As someone who was usually relegated to snapping the first 3 songs then having to vacate the pit, this was huge for Nick. He was able to cover a massive event like he had always wanted to, getting the shots that he had seen in
his head from on stage and off. The band and crew members that he got to meet were very accommodating, they gave him a brief tour of the stage and would point out some of the prime locations to shoot from, they also clued him into key moments of the bands performance so Nick would be ready to capture it. This shot was from one of the most enjoyable experiences he has ever had covering a concert.

“I’m honored to be chosen to participate, this feels like such leap forward to where I want to be. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone involved and I can’t wait to see what all the other participants photos look like hanging on the wall. I’m sure it’s going to be great.”

NIck would like to thank his parents first and foremost for all the support they’ve given him over the years. After that, in chronological order, he would like to thank Christmas Eger, Ashley Osborne, Jim Prezioso, and Josh Bakatius for their support and encouragement.