Thomas Bush IV


Thomas would like to start this interview with thanking the Lord & Savior for his gifts in being considered for this gallery. He is very humbled. Thomas resides in the College Hill neighborhood of Beaver Falls, and has been in the area for about 10 years after growing up in Virginia, Mississippi and Georgia. He graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Advertising/Creative Writing and served as an Advertising Copywriter for six years before he decided to focus more on visual arts. He is a photographer at a high end auction gallery in Beaver County, Ascendant Auction Group. He is also an independent concert photographer, but does also occasionally freelance for the Beaver County Times.
Even as a writer, Thomas has always been visually dominant and has always been drawn to patterns, lines and changes in light that he observed in everyday things. Overall as a creative individual, being able to express himself visually has always been a crucial creative outlet for him personally. However, Thomas only took one intro to photo-journalism course in college and was primarily only interested in the access to the on campus darkroom & photo lab. Before going fully digital, he amassed a large collection of boxes with terrible, humbling, film photographs of pretty much anything & everything. But in the spirit of just going out to shoot and not being afraid of taking many, many bad shots, he started to develop a feel for how he wanted his photography to look like, really only to him, no one else really saw any of the early work.
This picture is from Roger Water’s Us & Them concert that took place at PPG Paints Arena in September of 2017. This show was Thomas’s very first show with press credentials and arguably the highest profile artist he has photographed to date. He photographed a couple of festivals last summer and pretty much had free reign to roam and even shoot from the stage on occasion, with Roger Waters, it was his first experience with photo pit restrictions and a then foreign concept of a “3 songs and out” policy. This particular photo wasn’t chosen by the editor of the paper, but Thomas remembers it being the picture that calmed him down and reminded him that he belonged in the pit. The stage was much taller than he was but even from his vantage point the digital screen behind Roger was huge and Thomas wanted to take advantage of his wide lens and decided to switch to High Contrast Black & White for a shot or two.
“I am incredibly honored and humbled to be included with these other talented photographers and among many,many talented photographers in the Pittsburgh region. Personally, as someone who has only been photographing musicians and live events for under two years as a semi-professional, this is an encouraging early benchmark that I can build upon in my pursuit of being a full-time, traveling and published Music photographer. With photography or any creative endeavor, certainly, absolutely! Local publicity can go a long way. Thank you again so much for this honor!”
Thomas would like to say thank you to his extremely loving & supportive parents and family, he truly can’t thank them enough for going above and beyond in assisting him with various endeavors. Also, he would like to thank his friend and creative pastor Matt Helmstadter at Grace Community Church in Cranberry Twp. for the constant encouragement and feedback on the volunteer service he does. It was truly at Grace where he discovered for who and how to utilize his creative talents. It was there he learned how to shoot in low lighting and variable lighting environments . It’s where he got to try out some of his special non digital effects and tricks and he likes to experiment with and use to get an idea of how to use them and what they’re capable of. Last, but not least, he wishes to thank anyone who has ever taken the time to provide feedback, positive & negative, the wonderful people involved in the music photography community who have provided him with endless inspiration, tips and info on how to contact band/management etc.