Dennis Philpott

Dennis Philpott ::

Dennis is a 43 year old farther that was born and raised in Pittsburgh. His life revolves around those that he loves, family is the most important thing in his life. He is also Pittsburgh sports fanatic that loves his city. He has had changes to re-locate, but could not imagine living anywhere else. During the day, he is a system analyst with a huge passion for photography.

Dennis has been interested in photography since High School, but did not get serious about it until approximately three years ago following two neck surgeries. At that time he found out he was no longer able to play sports and needed a new hobby as an outlet. That’s when photography really became something more serious in his life. Now, Dennis and his 12 year old son go on “Photography Journeys” together. His goal is to one day have a lot of people enjoy the world through his lens.

This photo has special meaning for Dennis for two reasons. “The Wall”, as he refers to it, represents his 12 year old son and his late father. It is a mix of old and new. The “Baseball” is the new, which can be seen by the commissioner’s name on the ball. His son caught this ball at a Pirates Home Game at PNC Park. PNC Park is his son’s favorite place. Then we have the “Forbes Field” wall in the background, which is the “Old”. In fact, his father watched the 1960’s World Series from the tree tops just beyond that wall. As you can see this photo has very deep meaning to him.

“I am very honored and humbled to have this opportunity. I have always dreamed of having my work displayed for the world to see and thanks to Captured::Pittsburgh, that dream is coming true. Thank you for this amazing experience.”

Dennis would like to thank his 12 year old son, Connor, for enjoying photography with him. He would like to thank his Fiance, Tammy, for encouraging him to get serious about photography. He would also like to thank local photographers such as JP Diroll, Emmanuel Panagiotakis and Ed Coll for giving him tips along the way. Also, viewing the amazing work of these three photographers gives him inspiration every day and drives him to be better with each photo he takes.