Jessica Wasik


Jessica is a Florida-born and Pittsburgh-bred black and gold girl at heart, and the somewhat (OK, completely) obsessed dog mama to her husband and her Siberian retriever named Hunter. She made it very clear Hunter is her heart dog. When she is not behind the camera, you’ll find her on the ice where she works as a professional figure skating coach and American Ice Theater certified choreographer. You may also be surprised to learn that she is a multiple U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist and Canadian ice dance medalist who’s been skating since she was eight-years-old.

When her husband bought her her first DSLR in 2012, Hunter fast became her favorite fur-faced model. She loved having photos of him growing up as a part of their family and capturing moments of companionship, love, joyfulness, and even mischief that she know they will always look back on and treasure. Hunter is the reason why their home is a little hairier, their bed a little tighter, and their hearts a lot fuller; he is the inspiration behind Bark & Gold Photography.

Jessica is absolutely fascinated by the incredible relationships forged by the distinctive human-canine bond, so in late 2016, she considered diving into pet photography, but it wasn’t until more recently that she took the official leap, launching Bark & Gold Photography. Because she loves a good “bad joke” and cheesy puns, she chose a name with a twist on the city’s black and gold theme and reflected what she does and where she does it.

Jessica’s photography style is relaxed, candid, and expressive with an emphasis on genuine emotion and capturing joy and love through small moments in time. Bark & Gold Photography is built around the Vincent Van Gogh saying that “what is done in love is done well.” She loves being able to provide Pittsburgh pet parents with images that may not have had otherwise.

This photograph was for a personal project within a pet photography blog circle that Jessica participates in. Each week its members are given a new challenge or theme; this particular image was created for a fantasy theme.

“To be chosen from such an overwhelmingly talented pool of Pittsburgh photographers is an honor. That this particular photo is of my Hunter, the very reason why I fell in love with the dog photography niche, is even more reason to celebrate. I am humbled to represent a small portion of April’s gallery and so appreciative of CAPTURED::PITTSBURGH for recognizing my work.”

Jessica would like to thank her family for always supporting her creative endeavors and ambitions; her husband for helping put her first DSLR in her hands and recognizing her passion for photography; her photography mentor, Heather Lahtinen of Weddings by Heather and the Flourish Academy; and the countless Pittsburgh pet parents who put their trust in her to capture the joy and love between them and their pets.