Joshua Fresch


Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, Joshua left for the Army in the spring of 2000. After serving for six years, he spent another 3 years living in the Washington DC area. After becoming fatally exhausted of what he refereed to as the phonies and pretentiousness in DC culture, he found himself headed back to Pittsburgh, the one town that would always be home. Since moving back to Pittsburgh, he has developed a new love of the city and surrounding areas. He tries to find the sights that are overlooked or ignored by most people. We guess you can say he tries to have a “Fresch” eye.

Before a trip to Europe in the fall of 2015, his fiancée suggested they should buy a camera that was better than that on their phones. So, he purchased his first DSLR. While on the trip he discovered that he actually enjoyed photography. He admits it is pretty easy to enjoy photographing a beautiful woman in ancient cities. But once they got back from their travels he just stuck with it. Photography kind of follows the same basic principles that he used in his job so it was easy to pick up. But everyday that he goes out to shoot he encounters new problems and has unique experiences. Having never taken any courses in photography, he admits that he is continually learning.

Outside of Johnstown there is a place called the trolley graveyard. He usually tries to stop there a couple times a year. On this particular day, he was driving from Wilkes Barre back to Pittsburgh, stopping at a few places he has been wanting to check out for a while. But somewhere around Harrisburg he began having car trouble. He decided to push his luck and went out of his way to check out the trolleys. As he pulled up, car smoking and fluids dripping, he was obviously a little worried. But away he went through the woods on foot, over a hill and down to the trolleys. As he walked along snapping photos of the graffiti and the decaying trains, these two particular seats caught his eye. While his car issues were nagging at him in the back of his head, two smiling faces, slashed in to the seats, reminded him that whatever will happen, will happen. There was no sense in dwelling on something that he couldn’t control. So he snapped their photo, and thanked them for their wisdom and continued on his way. This photograph will always be a reminder to just relax. Ride it out, whatever it is, and enjoy his time while he can.

“Well first and most importantly, I can almost justify to my wife all the money I’ve spent on equipment over the last couple years. But seriously, This is a real honor to be chosen. Hopefully others will get as much enjoyment from my work as I get while I’m taking photos. I’ve never thought I’d get recognized but this gives me more motivation to get moving and make some more art.”

Joshua would like to thank his wife who has supported him, mostly to get me out of the house he thinks. Captured::Pittsburgh for including him in this wonderful opportunity. And of course His family. Also a special mention to Timothy Leary for his support.