Matthew Stark

Matt Stark :: @MattStarkPhotography

Matt has been living in Pittsburgh for three years, originally from Boardman, Ohio, he moved to the burgh to attend the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. He is employed as a Genius at Apple Shadyside, right across the street from the gallery on Walnut, and he also acts as the store photo historian. When not in class or at work, he likes to spend his free time biking, usually on the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail. In the summer months you can find him hiking one of the many trails in and around the city or backpacking the hillsides of Pennsylvania, always with his camera in hand. On breaks from school he travels to new destinations and shares his experiences through his photography.

Matt has always had a great respect for photographers and the amazing moments in time that they can capture with a camera. He started with photography when he purchased his first professional camera in preparation for a spring break trip to the west coast. He would have never imagined that photography would become such a large part of his life. Over the past year it has developed into a passion that he strives to improve by capturing photos every day and growing his skill set as a photographer.

Matt captured this photo on an early summer morning while on a guided tour of Carrie Furnaces. For him, this photograph is special because it shows how powerful nature is in reclaiming what we leave behind. When visiting the furnaces, the sheer size of the structures show how influential the steel industry was to this city. He hoped to capture that historical significance through the rust and resilience of this structure, even though nature is slowly taking it back.

“I am incredibly honored to be selected as a featured photographer in this gallery alongside so many other amazing local photographers! Having my work recognized and shared with the community by displaying it in such a real and physical way is very humbling in our digital world. This experience allows people to have the chance to really connect with my photography and discover what it means to them. Opportunities like this one foster strong expectations for the future and encourage me to continue pursuing my passion.”

Matt would like to thank everyone along the way that has supported him and helped him learn the skills he has needed to grow his passion for the art of photography. Specifically, he would like to thank his fellow photographers that have gone out on shoots with him in the city and have helped him grow in his urban cityscape photography. He would also like to show appreciation for all of the artists who share their knowledge with the world through social media such as YouTube and Instagram.