Michael Leber

Michael Leber @drone_division_

Michael founded Drone Division in July 2016 when he realized the opportunity to pair his extensive trade industry background with his love of technology and drone operation. His early career was rooted in construction and masonry before he moved on to field operations in the oil & gas industry. It was there that he saw the significant number of ways in which drones could be used commercially, and Drone Division was born.

Michael started flying drones in early 2013 and it just consumed him, everyday that’s all he wanted to do. Then as the cameras started to get better on the drones he started learning about photography. All day he would watch YouTube videos and webinars to learn how to take photos. He never really had passion about anything in his life until he picked up a camera, it really changed his life.

This photograph was taken Micha little over a year ago today. He was out taking pictures and flying around the city looking for angles that you don’t normally see. When he flew past this garage he happen to notice the giant “P” made from tire marks. I took the shot not knowing exactly what I would do with it but after a week or so this was the ending result. Some people see it right away others it takes a moment but once they do they love it!

“It’s an honor really, I’m very hard on myself when it comes to my work so I never think it is good enough. For this organization to pick my photo to be in a gallery is amazing, I truly appreciate it and for the second time this year is CRAZY.”

Michael would like to thank his fiancé, she is his biggest support. If it wasn’t for her he would of never followed this dream of his.