Mickie Grace Borreggine


Mickie is originally from Glassport, PA and is now living in West View attending West View Elementary as a second-grade student. Mickle’s favorite subjects are Art, Gym, and Computer Lab. Art has always been her favorite subject as drawing and coloring are her favorite hobbles. Mickie also enjoys playing with dolls, kitties, her Daddy’s dog Bodhi. and taking photos with her father. Mickie stays busy with school work, gymnastics, assisting her mother with house chores and babysitting her younger cousins. Mickie is also a fan of traveling and helping those that are less fortunate as she supports her mother in rescue missions to Mexico and other events within the community. Mickie hopes to one day to own a studio where she can lake pictures and then paint them.

Mickie enjoyed drawing and coloring pictures, then she decided she wanted to bring them to life through taking photographs like her father. Mickie really enjoys seeing his colorful pictures like the ones with lights (long exposures) and wanted to do the same thing. She remembers doing a road trip across the Southern states last summer and they pulled over in Tennessee so that her Dad could take a picture of a lake. Mickie had this camera that her Grandmother had bought and she could not take a clear picture because of the light and began to cry. Following that incident Mickie asked her father for a camera. After waiting 5 months her dad finally bought her a camera for Christmas, a Canon Powershot 360.

Mickie liked this picture because of the color, its a rare train that she never gets to see and she thinks that its “cute”. That day Mickie and her father went downtown to see the “bathtub” filled with water during the recent flooding but it had already drained. She looked across the bridge and saw all the signs (Station Square). They walked over and her dad wanted to take photos of the city. She saw the train and wanted to take pictures of It. Her dad suggested she take the picture from the side and that’s when she took the picture. It also has the “Batman” building (PPG Place) in It so it makes her like it more.

“‘I am happy, excited and grateful. I am still unsure of everything about this. It is really Is exciting though. I know a lot of people do not get this opportunity so I am thankful. I hope that everyone likes it”

Mickie would like to thank her Mom and Dad for believing in her. her father for helping her take photos, editing them and sharing them.