Zach Funk

ZACH FUNK :: @ZachFunkPhoto

Zach is a freelance photographer born in Pittsburgh PA and currently reside on the Northside. He specializes in landscape, lifestyle, and documentary photography. He embraces capturing all of the city’s shifting moods with a focus on architecture, bridges, and gritty landscapes. “Funk espouses a style that finds beauty even in what many consider to be the less savory sides of the city.”

Around 4 years ago Zach started taking pictures in and around the city with just his iPhone. He really didn’t have a clue about photography or how to even use a camera back then. But, the more photos Zach took with his phone the more he realized this was something he really enjoyed and had a passion for! He bought his first camera around 3 years ago and has not stopped since. He set out to showcase his hometown and everything that makes Pittsburgh unique.

This photograph is part of a series Zach did and that series has been some of his favorite to date. This photograph was taken right after the city flooded back in January. The excess of steam coming up from the ground made for some really unique and mysterious photos!

“I feel honored to be selected for this! I have always strived to show my best work and like I said earlier, I want to capture Pittsburgh from a different perspective and I look to show everything that makes my city unique. I aim for a certain style and aesthetic with every one of my photos. This is a great opportunity to expose my photography to more people in the great city of Pittsburgh!”

Zach would really like to thank his girlfriend Camille for pushing him into his photography journey 4 years ago. He would also like to thank his Family for the encouragement along the way.