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Alicia Cerullo is a wife and mother with a degree in Multimedia Technologies as well as a BFA in Graphic Design. A self proclaimed Photoshop nerd, she loves everything about the program and is obsessed with devouring every ounce of knowledge about it. In 2012, she won the Photoshop GURU award in the Artistic category at the Photoshop World Expo and Conference held in Washington DC.  By day, she is a Graphic Design Instructor at Pittsburgh Technical College. She also owns a photography business, Usha Lee Photography, which specializes in high school senior portraits and engagement photos. She and her family are big sports fans, but especially enjoy soccer because she and her husband played for most of their lives and are now able to share the love for the sport with their son.

About twelve years ago, Alicia discovered her love of photography by accident. She was working as a web developer, and while on a photo shoot, she was asked to help take candid photographs. It felt so natural that she bought her first DSLR from eBay. From there, she taught herself through trial and error, pouring through books and YouTube videos. Later she offered to photograph a friend’s wedding, which then turned into more work until eventually, she started her own business. She attributes her drive to learn photography to emotion, and how moving it is to see someone caught up in a piece of artwork that you’ve created.

Alicia’s photo is a portrait of dancer Kacie Bell. Through this work, she hopes to show Kacie’s life-long love of dancing as well as her own love of playing with light and Photoshop.

“I don’t even know how to put it into words. I first got the congratulation message around midnight. I was so excited and immediately ran to my husband in almost tears to tell him. Naturally, of course, l had to call my mom right after that. Being recognized for my artwork is something that is so rewarding. It means that someone other than my mom likes what I do (laughs). As a creative, it can be very depressing to pour yourself into your art only to have to not be noticed or appreciated. Being a part of this gallery, means that some of my hard work has paid off. There are so many talented photographers that have been in this gallery, and I’m honored to be a part of that collection.”

Alicia would like to thank God for blessing her with the ability to create and work the way that she does. She would also like to thank her husband for dealing with the chaos that is living with a creative person and still loving her anyway. Her son for not minding that he will always be my model and being my constant reason to smile. Her mom for being her #1 fan and supporter who always had big dreams for her and could always be counted on to be the most excited about her accomplishments. Her sister for always responding as if she’s a celebrity when she tells her about her new achievements. Lastly, she would like to thank her students at Pittsburgh Technical college who share in her passion and achievements by giving her constant reason to “teach by example” and to never stop creating and learning.