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Chris Persic :: @BarkandShutter

Chris Persic is 34 years old and grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Other than spending a couple of years in the Air Force and being stationed in Japan, he’s always called the ‘Burgh his home. He married his long-time friend and high-school co-worker, Holly, 3 years ago. Since then, they’ve moved twice, got a dog (a two year old 100lb chocolate Lab named Cooper), and had a beautiful daughter named Ella who is now 7 months old. Chris and his family love all of the Pittsburgh sports teams, hiking, biking around the city, and of course, taking pictures.

In 2002, Chris became interested in taking pictures when he took a photography class while attending North Allegheny High School, but unfortunately it took until last year to get his passion back. He explains that he’s always been that guy with his cell phone lagging behind because he’s trying to grab a picture of something. Even though this annoys people, they always come to him after the fact and ask if they could get a copy of the pictures that he took. When his wife bought him a camera last year on Black Friday as a Christmas gift, he was able to talk her into giving it to him early, so he could practice with it before their daughter was born. This led to Chris wandering the city, taking pictures, and getting a new perspective of just how beautiful it really is.

Chris’s photo was recently taken at the National Aviary while trying out a lens that he had rented. The bird handler actually held the owl about 2 feet from his lens (Shhhh- it can be our secret!), so he could get a tight shot and have it fill the frame. Since the owl looked so intense, he used a dark vignette to make the eyes pop.

“Being selected by Captured Pittsburgh for the gallery means a lot to me. I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the other featured artists every month, and was hoping to be selected to be a part of it one day. It feels good to share a passion that I have with others, and I really appreciate this opportunity to do so.  Photography is meant to be shared, and it really does bring people together.  It can make a person stop worrying about everyday things, and take their minds to a distant place, or a forgotten memory. The great thing about photography is that the same photo can bring different emotions depending on the person. It can make one laugh, another cry, and another reminisce. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with others!”

First and foremost, Chris would like to thank his wife first for continuously supporting him in his hobbies, and for buying the camera that has helped him to preserve so many great memories. She’s his biggest support and is always willing to lend an eye when combing through hundreds of pictures to find the best ones.  He would also like to thank his cousin Ryan for having faith in him, and pushing him to step out of his comfort zone, as well as his buddies, Robby and Mena, who have spent many cold nights and hot days walking around the city with him, looking for the perfect shot.  Lastly, Chris would like to thank his mom and dad for their positivity and encouragement, even when he texts them pictures at midnight looking for some feedback.