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Geoff Backstrom was born in Massachusetts, raised south of Pittsburgh, and attended school in Ohio. He’s always had a great fascination with the many different ways to tell stories. Throughout the years, he has explored with creating music, videos, animation, video games, and most recently the world of photography.

While he considers himself more on the shy/quiet side, Geoff loves to use the combination of various mediums to tell his story, as opposed to his verbal voice. He’s taken photographs on and off over the years, but didn’t decide to pay more attention to until recently. While animation was his main focus in college, the turnaround for actually finishing projects is a long process, and video isn’t much better in that regard. However, with photography, Geoff feels he can create and share art/stories in a timelier fashion, while also acting as a great excuse to break away from the computer screen. For Geoff, being able to envoke meaning with a single still image can be as powerful as the meaning created with an image that moves, and he likes to think that by improving at one, he’s improving at both.

Geoff took his photo while riding the Pittsburgh Light Rail, also known as the “T.” Because of his great fascination and appreciation for the aesthetics associated with styles such as cyberpunk, outrun, new retrowave, and science fiction in general, he found that the tunnels envoked similar feelings. With the use of color manipulations in Lightroom, he tried to create how he would envision the T tunnels would look in a more sci-fi world.

“I guess in a way I’m a perfectionist, and often struggle to ever feel like any of my art is at a finished state that I want to publically show. This gallery is the first time any of my photos are being displayed publically and physically. It’s really incredible and inspiring to know that something I created was seem as worthy to be displayed for all to see. There are A TON of incredibly talented photographers within Pittsburgh, and this opportunity helps me feel closer to possibly one day being upon that list.”

Geoff would like to thank his parents, who have always been very big supporters of everything he does. Even when he thinks a project is utter crap, they have his back with words of encouragement. He also tends to bounce pictures off his girlfriend as they often share similar tastes on what is good and bad. Lastly, he would like to thank the Pittsburgh photography community on Instagram, who are all super talented and very supportive of one another.