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Jonathan Hanks is a freelance photographer and student athlete at Point Park University. Originally from Zanesville, Ohio, he came to the Steel City to pursue his career-driven passions.

While his interest in taking photos and videos dates back to his childhood days when he learned from his brother, Jonathan feels that residing in the unique and urban setting of downtown Pittsburgh has helped refine his eye for creative photography, while working in a professional environment at Smiles Beach Photo in Panama City Beach, Florida helped him gain experience and knowledge. For Jonathan, photography has become a way to share the world and its moments that often go unseen.

Jonathan’s photograph is one of his favorites. It was taken when he was driving through Nashville, TN and met up with one of his friends, Kayla Nettles, a singer/ songwriter from The Music City, for a photo shoot. She has deep roots in country music as she has opened for various artists throughout the years such as Florida Georgia Line and Love & Theft, and also has been a Hollywood week finalist on American Idol and a contestant on The Voice. Afterward, he was looking through his shots and really loved what he captured in front of a particular fountain, even though they seemed slightly out of focus. Because of the slight blur on the photos and the blurry, water filled background, the shots reminded Jonathan of something you might vision in a dreamlike-stateand gaining inspiration from one of his favorite photographers, Ben Sasso, he created a double exposure to help envision the dreamy mood of the photographs.

“Being selected for this gallery is an incredible opportunity and I would like to thank everyone who reached out for this event to happen. Participating in a public gallery event has always been a personal goal of mine, and I’m ecstatic to share my art with the local community. The day can’t come soon enough!”

Jonathan would like to thank his group of creative photographers and friends here at Point Park University for always giving him feedback and pushing him to work his hardest. He’d also like to thank his brother, Jamie Hanks, for pushing him to be the best version of himself and for being the one who helped him to discover his love for photography. Without Jamie, none of this would be possible.