Matthew Sayer

Matthew Sayer - Captured::Pittsburgh Artists

Matthew Sayer :: @mattsay 87

Matthew Sayer is a 30 year old amateur photographer born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. He resides in Monroeville where he works as the back room coordinator at Marshall’s, but every chance he has, he hikes outdoors and takes photos of anything that catches his eye.

Matthew took his photo on a recent camping trip. He loved just staring into the fire and watching the logs burn, and decided to capture that moment.

“Being chosen for this gallery is new and exciting territory that I hope to make the most of. I tend to be a bit shy and don’t seek out many opportunities like this so I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Matthew would like to thank his boyfriend of ten years, Brandon, who is the reason he got into photography and is his constant companion on hiking trails. He is also an artist and inspires Matthew daily to be a better photographer, artist and human being.