Nicholas DeSarno

Nicolas DeSarno - Captured::Pittsburgh Artists

Nicholas DeSarno :: @nicolasjdesarno

Nicholas DeSarno is a 19 year old Pittsburgh native and graduate of Franklin Regional High School. He’s studied Public Relations and Advertising at Point Park University, and currently works for both Flexscreen and Amplify Church. He loves every bit of his jobs and the opportunities they provide.

Nicholas starting taking photographs is the 6th grade, but didn’t take it seriously until the 9th grade. He strives to get better everyday.

When Nicholas went on a trip to Cleveland with his family, he ran out to buy some milk and cookies for his mom. The grocery store was ten blocks away, but it gave him the opportunity to take out his iPhone and snap photos along the way. When he got back the hotel room, he opened his photos in Lightroom and although unplanned, he was excited to discover that he had taken this “dope” shot.

“Being selected for this is so humbling. I love non-profits and everything they do. I want to constantly get better at my art and being recognized shows me that I am becoming better and continuing to improve.”

Nicholas would like to thank anyone who stood awkwardly in his photos while he took the time to adjust his settings, and anyone who was down and willing to go on random photo shoots!