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Paul Vladuchick is a mechanical engineer and an artist. His first experience as a photographer was when he was only 8 years old, using a 110 film camera that his grandmother received by sending in UPC codes from Kellogg’s Corn Flakes boxes. He loved using it and turning in the film, even when the results were bad.  A few years later, his dad taught him how to use his SLR and develop black and white film. It was then that he learned the basics of composition and camera settings. At that point, he became hooked hard, and since then photography has been a constant in his life.

Paul regularly likes to shoot around downtown Pittsburgh after dark. One evening after attempting to shoot at three previous locations around the city, including a no trespassing area near the Gulf Tower, he was about ready to leave and give up for the night when he happened to turn and see the moon between the two buildings. It was “a totally unexpected, unplanned, and beautiful moment.”

“Having a piece of my art selected for this gallery is a wonderful honor. The opportunity for others to see this work and enjoy it is primarily why I take the photos in the first place. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. The world needs more art.”

Paul would like to thank his dad, Rick, who introduced him to photography and help him get his start. He’d also like to thank his wife Norrie for her constant encouragement and support in everything.