Heather Harris

Heather Harris :: @DoubleHImages

For Heather Harris, having a creative outlet outside of the corporate environment where she works helps to keep her balanced. Those outlets include gardening, decorating her house, and of course, photography.

Heather has always been the one snapping the family photos at gatherings and holidays, mostly using point and shoot cameras. She bought her first DSLR camera about three and a half years ago, which is when she began more formally studying and practicing photography. She had the perfect on-site models to practice with, who were available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: her two dogs, Gizmo and Gigi; and her two cats, Hodor and Booboo. She began taking courses on Lynda.com, followed some photography groups on Facebook, admired and studied other photographers’ work, and tried to learn something new each day. Heather believes that the cool thing about photography is there is always something new to learn – whether it has to do with lighting, shadows, angles, color, staging, posing, etc. The opportunities to learn something new and be creative are just endless.

One day in October 2016, she saw an event pop up on her Facebook calendar for the Worldwide Photowalk, and she joined up with Captured Pittsburgh at their event in Shadyside. She felt it was a great opportunity to get connected to other photographers in the community and continue to learn and grow as a photographer.

She and her fellow photographer friend (Ally – who I met through Captured Pittsburgh!) decided to meet up on that beautiful Saturday at the Waterfront in Homestead to do some shooting. They walked all around and had a couple of cute pink props on hand, including a little hot pink rose that they found dangling from a rose bush. They put this little rose to work, and it didn’t disappoint.

The last stop that day was Cakery Square because Heather and Ally figured they’d grab a couple cupcakes and get some images of them before they ate them. The gentleman behind the counter was so nice and welcoming when they told him they were in the area taking photos of pink objects for Breast Cancer Awareness month. He immediately followed Captured Pittsburgh on Instagram and told them we were free to shoot there as they pleased. They bought their cupcakes and got ready to start shooting in the bright and airy (not to mention great smelling!) space.

While they intended to photograph their pink frosted cupcakes, that idea went out the window when Heather opened her cupcake container and *splat* her cupcake landed on the floor, icing side down (see her Instagram account for the image of this tragedy!). The surviving cupcake’s icing was also ruined during the debacle. So instead of attempting to photograph cupcakes, the trusty hot pink rose won the day and became subject, still in good shape even after all the abuse they had put it through that day. The hot pink rose really popped and contrasted nicely against the light pink mural in the background.

“It’s humbling to have had my image selected among so many other talented artists that submit such beautiful images and tag to the #capturedpgh hashtag. It’s really quite an honor and I’m super thrilled!”

For starters, Heather would like to thank the entire Captured Pittsburgh team – Jason Fait, Jason Kodat, and Adam Thomas, as well as anyone who works behind the scenes. The guys do so much for the local artist’s scene here in the Burgh. She doesn’t know that she would have kept the passion and motivation had she not discovered the group. She would also like to thank all of the photogs that she’s met along the way through Captured Pittsburgh that lift each other up and build on each others energy, whether they’ve met in person or just connected through social media.  And last but not least, her family, friends and co-workers that support her and offer themselves up as models, deserve a huge shout out as well.