James Sablusky

James Sabulsky :: @jjshotgraphy

James Sabulsky has an associate’s degree in graphic design and is working on one for business. He is the Assistant Chief at Lower Burrell No. 3, and is involved with the New Kensington Camera Club as their Director of Marketing.  He is also in the process of establishing a historical society for his town.

James had to take a basic photography class in college, and since then it has grown on him.  Over the past three years he has really worked to improve, focusing on composition and more technical skills. He is now more known for his photography of Pittsburgh, but he has also done a nice bit of traveling and enjoys taking photos of historic sites.

The selected photo has a lot of meaning to James because of his 17 years in emergency services.  He has many friends that are in law enforcement, and seeing the flower in the hand of the officer at the Law Enforcement Memorial just made him want to photograph it.  After looking at the image, the composition is one of his favorites, with The Point and The Fort Pitt Bridge in the background.

“I have followed Captured::Pgh since its creation a few years ago, and had the privilege to be in their second Open Air Gallery, involving on of my photographs from Phipps.  Being chosen again means a lot to me and helps me realize the power of photography when it is posted on social media.”