Nikki Wiser

Nikki Wiiser :: @CrazyCityLady

Nikki Wiser graduated from Slippery Rock University and earned a BS in Communication with an emphasis in Emerging Technology and Multimedia and minors in Film and Media Studies and Anthropology. While in school, she was heavily involved with videography and video editing, and even ran the TV studio on campus (She spent so much time in the editing labs that the department gave Nikki her own set of keys and told her just to lock up when she left.).

As a child, she would always make her father buy her 35mm film and disposable cameras. She would just go out in the yard all day and shoot the most random things, and then would beg him to develop the film for her (She thinks she still has tons of photos of just leaves). While in college, she focused on videography, but would still bust out a DSLR from time to time.

After graduation she worked as a freelance videographer, and then settled in tech support for a more stable career option. Due to medical issues, she was forced to leave her job, but that’s when she rediscovered her love of media, only this time heading down the route of photography over videography. Armed with just an iPhone, she spent countless hours in the city shooting, until one day she finally invested in a DSLR. She hasn’t looked back yet.

Nikki’s photo is a still life of her boxing gloves. She had just left kickboxing class, and she didn’t have all her equipment put away when she got to her car. She saw her gloves sitting on her bag and snapped a quick picture. She feels that her photo can represent how strong women really are and to “fight like a girl” is not an insult, but probably one of the best compliments you can get.

“Every time I sell a photo, or get a feature it gives me a feeling that I am more of a “real” photographer, and being included in a real life live gallery just enriches those feelings even more. A little over a year ago I had no idea what I was doing I just bought a DSLR because I wanted to get a little further than I could with my iPhone and steps like this make me feel like I am doing something right with my life and maybe I could be a “real” photographer after all.”

Nikki would like to thank her family and friends for always putting up with her when she crouching awkwardly in a puddle in the middle of a street to get a shot, or when she always shows up late because she found multiple things to stop and take photos of while walking to her destination.

Additionally, she wants to give a shout out to her friend since college, Carla Cardello (@citylifeadventures), for being by her side, so she is not the only one making a fool of herself and for giving her a lot of advice, (Even if people think we might be the same person because we have the same eye when it comes to photography and frequent the same events).