Andrew Barrowman

Andrew Barrowman ::

Andrew is a landscape and cityscape photographer. He discover photography about two years ago and has been hooked ever since. What started out as a hobby has quickly become his passion. Being able to travel and see new exciting places has always been his dream. With photography he is able to capture those experiences and share them with the world. Every penny he makes from photography gets invested back into his art so he can continue to create beautiful content.

One of the things that always intrigued Andrew about Pittsburgh is that the cityline does not have a “bad side”. With that said Andrew wanted to add an extra dynamic to this photograph. He knew the Fort Pitt bridge lead right into/near the city and thought it would be a beautiful running line to add depth and character to the photo. Andrew tells us this is his favorite photograph he has ever captured of the city.

“Being relatively new to the Pittsburgh Area, I am honored for the opportunity to showcase my work through this organization. Pittsburgh is filled with so many talented creatives and to be able to stand out in any way helps me achieve my goal of making photography my full-time job.”

Andrew wants to thank his beautiful girlfriend for being his right hand woman. She is always down to take on a new adventure and is very patient in letting him get the shots he loves. She is his rack and inspiration throughout his journey.