Darin DiNapoli

Darin DiNapoli :: www.dnappsproductions.com

Darin DiNapoli is an Emmy Award winning director/editor/producer/motion graphics artist with thirteen years of professional experience in the advertising/film and video industry. Aside from traditional storytelling projects, he has also been involved with producing innovative works including 360 video documentary films and interactive media (games and short film). Darin also owns and operates his own production company, DNapps Productions, which specializes in content video development and production.

He became interested in taking photographs in high school, when digital photography was offered as a class. It was there that he learned the fundamentals. He became more intrigued when he studied cinematography at Robert Morris University and learned the importance of a shot. Darin continues to study and shoot photos as it integrates into his work as a video content producer/director/editor.

Darin’s photograph features Ricky Zimmerman (guitar) and Colt Dalmaso (bass) from the local metal band, Greywalker. This photo was taken at the Maggie’s Farm 5th Anniversary Party on October 13th, under the 31st Street Bridge. The photo has special meaning to Darin because it was the first one to be selected for a gallery display. He’s been working on a music documentary which focuses on Pittsburgh musicians, and he feels this photo captures the essence of the band’s high energy live performance.

“This opportunity and selection of my work to be featured into the Captured::Pittsburgh gallery is an honor and achievement in my career as an independent business owner. Recently in May 2018, I decided to leave my full time job at MARC USA to fully focus in pushing my career to the next level. This achievement will help spread the work about my artistic vision and hopefully lead to new opportunities. I love creating and capturing images. I’m honored that this one strikes a chord (The photo literally shows the chord. J)!!.”

 Darrin would like to thank his Grandma Facey, who recently passed away, for introducing him to instant Polaroid photography. He probably takes as many photos on his cell phone camera as she did on the Polaroid when he was growing up. He would also like to thank his mom and dad for buying him his first digital camera, which was a Sony Cybershot. That was his first experience with digital photography, and it influenced him to pursue his career.