Dustin McGrew

Captured Pittsburgh Gallery Artist. Captured::Pittsburgh host Pittsburgh’s only Open Air Photography Gallery.

Dustin McGrew :: www.Facebook.com/DustinMcGrewPhoto

Dustin McGrew was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but currently lives in Mars, PA with his wife, Amy, and 4 year old son, Rylan. He has a degree in Multimedia Technologies from Pittsburgh Technical College and works full time as a web developer for MarketSpace Communications in Cranberry.  Besides photography, one of his biggest passions is motorsports, mostly NASCAR.

He got the photography bug from his grandfather, who worked for a small track in California named Saugus Speedway, where he was the pacecar driver. He also made the weekly programs for fans that would feature some of his photos. He always had his camera with him at the track or other races he would attend. Dustin remembers going to his house and seeing all of photos he had shot of NASCAR legends like Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Allison, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Petty, etc. He’d have some of those photos framed in his house, but he also had boxes just full of racing photos. Dustin, thought that was awesome, and remembers back in the late 90’s (when he was about 13 – 15 years old) taking a film camera to races at Nazareth Speedway and Daytona. It was his first time photographing racecars, and he loved it. Since then, he’s transitioned into being mainly a cityscape/landscape photographer, but he still brings out the camera for a race every once in a while.

Dustin’s photograph is actually a redo of one he had shot earlier in the year from the same vantage point. He loved the leading lines of the shot, and how the bridge kind of framed in the skyline. Once he saw it on his computer he knew he had to come back at night and shoot it again with some traffic trails in it.

“I think the Captured::Pittsburgh open air gallery is a very cool concept. It’s a great way for photographers to get some exposure. I also love what Captured Pittsburgh does for the community.”

Dustin would like to thank his family, who are always encouraging me, especially his wife for letting him spend an entire evening or morning away from home while he’s out shooting photos. He also wants to thank all of the awesome Pittsburgh photographers on Instagram who inspire him every day to shoot awesome photographs.