Gabe Sunderman

Captured Pittsburgh Gallery Artist. Captured::Pittsburgh host Pittsburgh’s only Open Air Photography Gallery.

Gabe Sunderman

Gabe Sunderman is a sophomore multimedia student at Point Park University. Even though photography is not his major, he has always had an interest in taking pictures, which he counts as one of his passions, along with music.

Gabe started taking photos and videos with an old camcorder when he was around ten years old. He got his first DSLR just last year, and ever since he’s been taking photographs of anything he can. He always seeks to evolve his work and set new goals so that he can become the best photographer that he can be.

Gabe’s photograph is titled, “Halo.” It was taken on top of Town Place apartments on Stanwix Street during sunset. When he arrived home later, he was pleasantly surprised. The sun had just lowered below the rooftop of the other building and was illuminating the clouds behind it. The glare on the lens had created a really cool halo shape, and he hadn’t even noticed the airplane in the top right corner. All these factors make this photo very special to him.

“Being selected for this gallery means a lot to me. It feels nice to have people appreciate my work. It keeps me going and keeps me pushing myself to take more photos.”

Gabe would like to thank his parents for helping him with getting his camera and for supporting him every step of the way. He would also like to thank Max Behr for taking him up to the rooftop that night. Without him, this photo would not have happened.